If you are just beginning to start up your online business, it can be tricky to choose between Shopify and BigCommerce. Both platforms may be well known, however they both have their pros and cons that make them different from each other.

  1. Design/ Themes

Design does matter; having a good luck on your website is one thing that attracts customers to come check yours out and increase your sales. This is important, because even if you have great quality products, but not a good design to your website, customers will not be attracted to it. Shopify and BigCommerce both offer their users different available themes for their websites.

Shopify themes are much more impressive and give a professional look to your website. They use independent professional designers to make these themes, giving them a unique look. The only drawback is that even though most of them may look good, they are no free. BigCommerce on the other hand offers decent looking themes, however if you go to their website you will not be able to locate these themes.

  1. E-commerce tools

Shopify gives you all the basic tools that you will need to create and run your online website. They also provide much more advanced tools such as customer wish list and product reviews but that will cost you more. However, the advanced tools are quite beneficial as they will help your business grow. On the other hand, BigCommerce provides its users with the most comprehensive tools as compared to all other e-commerce builders. They have various other advanced tools that are included in the overall monthly fee.

  1. Customer support

Shopify is known to have one of the best customer support team out of all the e-commerce builders. They are available for support 24/7 and you can reach out to them via live chat, email or through phone. BigCommerce also provides 24/7 customer support and are available through phone, live chat or email. They have currently upgraded their services so that their users do not face any problem.

  1. Apps

Both Shopify and BigCommerce have their own apps through which you can gain more features on your website. Shopify has more than 1400 apps available while BigCommerce has only 250 apps, this shows that Shopify is better in terms of their tools development system. A larger variety of apps is a better option to choose from when you are creating your website as it makes it more attractive.

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