Shopify has everything you need from launching to running and to manage ecommerce business successfully.

Why Shopify is the best choice among all ecommerce platforms?

Shopify is a full package that brings myriad of features to help you establish online store and manage ecommerce websites. It offers ‘ease of use’ to those newbie entrepreneurs who’ve just started. This ecommerce solution provider is not only limited to small businesses, but is able to grow as your business grows. With ecommerce solution Shopify, you can get variety of plans at reasonable prices. They offer a dedicated customer support 24/7 via phone, live chat and email.

Shopify offers best price
With Shopify, you can get the most affordable packages to launch an online store. Regardless of which stage at your ecommerce website is, Shopify has your back. Their plan starts at $29 per month, including custom domain, several products, Shopify payment, customer support and more. For growing businesses, they also offer additional features with their additional plans. A budget-friendly Shopify Lite plan is also available for $9 per month. This plan allows merchants to sell on social media, accept credit cards. In addition, it also let you use Shopify buy buttons. Shopify Lite Plan is most appropriate for those who’ve just started out in ecommerce business. Another good point about Shopify is that there’re no hidden fees.

Shopify offers Ease of Use
Who doesn’t want to have an ecommerce platform that is super easy to use? With ecommerce solution Shopify, it is much possible to set up your account in seconds and get started. They greet their registered users with simple dashboard which is easy to get around. Shopify enables to launch your ecommerce website in three simple steps – add products, personalized your online store, and finally set up your domain.  Using Shopify doesn’t require any tech skills. They provide over hundred ready-made themes that help you build your ecommerce website.

Shopify offers E-commerce features
Shopify has all the necessary tools and features to create a professional storefront as you need. Shopify’s ecommerce features let you manage and grow your ecommerce store easily. Features include online shopping cart, the selling on social media, reports and analytics, marketing tools, and mobile access. With Shopify’s online shopping cart, you can do payments easily via credit card and PayPal payments. In addition, it also automates sales to save your time. There is no need to arrange third-party processors since Shopify offers its own payment gateway. With Shopify’s report and analytics feature, you can measure the overall performance of your online store.

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