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Have you ever fallen into the hands of a fraudster? How was the experience? Certainly, it was painful. Although the advancement of technology has brought remarkable changes in the business industry, it came along with almost the same bulk of threats. The number of cyber-crimes increases every day. You cannot go for a day or two without news of a hacking or a fraud targeting a particular e-commerce website. The events are not something to smile about.

Apart from causing losses on your online business, they ruin its future possibilities to generate revenue especially when the attackers affect your customer confidential information. In such a situation, you will lose both trust and confidence of the current and future customers. Here are 5 reliable ways of locking out fraudsters and hackers from your e-commerce website:

Ensure your website is PCI compliant

With the rising cases of online crimes, you need to assure your customers that the information they share with you is secure. As you know, no customer will agree to transact with you if they are suspicious that their data will fall into the hands of fraudsters. In this essence, you need to solidify your customers trust through ensuring that your ecommerce software is PCI compliant. Importantly, if you are handling online transactions, ensure your site has SSL authentication for data and web protection. By this, you will protect your site from fraudulent transactions targeting your clients where they can compare the fraudster address and your authentic information they shared with you.

Put a requirement for your customers to use strong passwords

One of the easiest ways that fraudsters use to access customers’ personal information is through stealing their passwords. While it is recommendable to use a memorable password, most customers make a mistake of using their names for this purpose. By this, they make it easy for the fraudster to access their account. As a way of ensuring your customers’ accounts are secure, you need to come up with a requirement for the creation of strong passwords. For instance, you can state that a client must use symbols, numbers, and capital letters as part of their passwords. That way, it becomes a hard task for fraudsters to hack your site using your customers’ account.


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